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Stork has developed this web application enabling you to create a design for the Stork deaerator in the process phase. With this tool you are able to calculate the most common deaerator designs.


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Registering for the Stork deaerator design tool

In this login screen click on 'Register here' for the registration form. Complete your details and click on 'Submit'. You will receive an automatically generated email with your login details. With these details you will be able to log in.

Different configurations

When you have logged in you will see an overview. If you have previously calculated configurations, you will be able to find these here. As this is the first time you are logging in you should click on 'New configuration'. You will now see three blocks, numbered from one to three.

The input mode

In the first block you should complete the process parameters. There is a question mark behind each parameter giving you information on the parameter to be entered.In block number two you should complete the mechanical parameters, such as the type of head, number of vacuum rings, corrosion allowance, etc. You should also complete the dimensions of the tank. The hold-up and retention time will be calculated automatically in block number three. If you would like to increase these times, you simply change the dimensions of the deaerator after which the new hold-up and retention time will be calculated.

The output mode

Finally you should click on 'Calculate now' in block number three to include your parameters in the Stork design. Any possible errors and/or notes regarding the design will be shown in red.

Saving your configuration in the Stork deaerator design tool

Save your design by entering a project name and click on 'Save configuration'. Subsequently two buttons will appear. The first button, 'Print PDF', generates a PDF file in which the heat balance gives an overview of the values entered by you. The second page shows a preliminary outline drawing in which the key measurements and weights are shown. You can use these in your plant design and structural steel calculations.When you have created your design you can opt to make another design by clicking on 'New configuration'. You can also return to the overview which will show the configuration you have just saved. This will remain here and can be viewed by you at any time after you have logged in.

Additional advice

When you click on the second button, 'Send to Stork', the above mentioned two files will be sent automatically to Stork. Stork will check the parameters against the design and contact you in order to create an optimum design for your application.

Suggestions for improving the Stork deaerator design tool

With this application we hope to assist your plant design with basic deaerator calculations. Any remarks with regard to deaerator design are always very welcome. You can send them to .